Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Breakdown of the Archer Cup Entry Fee's vs Added Money

By: Markus Noé

The Archer Cup is scheduled to take place September 30 - Oct 1st. It was originally slated to be a $10,000 added based on a 32 player field, this was guaranteed. However there has been a big backlash from Québec pro's and semi pros about the entry fee being $400 after fee's for Pro and $280 for Semi-Pros.

Now look at the poster above the BREAK EVEN line is top 16 and top 12 is profit. This is as good or better payout then Turning Stone because it is only $10,000 added compared to $25,000 and the Archer Cup is only a two day event compared to 4 for Turning Stone. For many Québec players the expenses is not even close to the same and this event is in their back yard. Even players from Québec City are only a few hours away.

Now think of the U.S Open, it is $1000 entry American. You need to book a hotel for 7 days minimum. The profit line is top 5, and you have to beat out 191 of the best players in the world. Québec is a talent packed province and despite how some of them talk it is clear they have aspirations like all pool players to be better and play well against the best in the world.

 Marco Sanschargrin is giving Québec players this opportunity to go at some of the best in the world and made if affordable, if you think about it logically. He is seeding the tournament so based on the field in the poster above most players semi-pro and above are guaranteed to get through the group stage and have a fair chance of breaking even. Not to mention top semi-pro will receive $400 and top AAA $300.

Most Pro's if they don't have the money get staked its as simple as that. Traveling Pro's understand that "backers" are a normal part of the game, and that in the long run they can make them a profit or break even. Also these guys are gamblers a big part of it for them is to have a horse in the field they can sweat and see if they make money, this is all common.

I believe that the problem is most Québec Pro's do not travel much and they don't look at tournaments like this the way "road" players do.  You could not ask for a better 2 day pro event and to think even in a 64 player field, maybe it will attract 5 world class players. This means you can talk to your backer and say that you have a good chance to break even and a cheap shot at $5000.

Unfortunately for the most part I am hearing "its too much I cant win." So now Sanschagrin who has done so much for professional pool in Québec is left scratching his head. Because last minute the players wont support him. It is outrageous really and I have recently spoken to him, he is at a loss for words.

The reality is now players have frustrated one of the best promoters in Canada into thinking he does not want anything to do with Professional events anymore. The Archer Cup could be the last Pro event Sanschagrin and Eventime Production promote. To be honest I cannot blame him the truth his the Québec pro's and semi-pros complain too much and don't show up when he needs them, a perfect example is the Canadian Championships his past year. It was well attended but their could have been dozens more French Canadians in the field.

Now we are in a situation that Marco has to drastically lower the entry fee so he can fill this field. This means that it will no longer be $10,000 added because international players will not come and he got this sponsorship by promising an international field.

In conclusion if you look at this reasonably the entry fee is not a problem for semi-pro players and above. Sanschagrin is almost gift wrapping the break even envelope for these caliber players. This article is a last minute plea to save this event and keep the entries where its at. For I fear if Sanschagrin lowers the entries just to fill the field, Québec Professional players will have lost one of their biggest supporters permanently. These events should be praised and welcomed with open arms, I know the players that can afford it will do the right thing. "Make Pool Great Again"